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Our Tribe​​

Melissa Mossberg

Owner, Stylist, Lash Artist, Educator

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A few fun things about me-

I've played competitive hockey since I was 6, and if I'm not at the salon you can probably catch me at the local ice rink coaching my girls hockey.  My girls Aly & Molly are my life, and I'm completely obsessed with them.  My husband Pete, and I have been married for 14 years and I'm sure you've heard me talk about him because he's the absolute best.  I am slightly ocd, an introvert, and deal with lots of anxiety.  I'm addicted to iced coffee, otter pops, and beef jerky.  I've been in the industry since 2007 and can't imagine doing anything else.  I am a total product junkie, and totally geek out when it comes to the science behind products/colors.  I've created my own line of hair extensions and my own line of lash extensions.  Being able to create a beautiful space for so many stylists to learn and grow their careers has been the hardest yet most rewarding thing I've done.

Tawny Smith

Salon Stylist

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Tawny is a proud girl-mom with 3 "tween-age" girls, 2 bonus kids, a golden doodle, and a hedgehog! In other words, her house is always moving and shaking and rarely slows down.

She has enjoyed her 5+ years in cosmetology, and enjoys assisting others in looking and feeling like their best selves! Tawny also enjoys every single outdoor activity, and is a great example for her children by focusing on her health and nutrition.  She trains fitness at least once daily, and is a great resource for a fitness tip or two.

Whether you are wanting to go blonde, dark, ombre, extensions, or are in dire need of a color correction...Tawny has your back!

Lyndsi Thompson

Salon Stylist

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Hi everyone! I'm Lyndsi.  My first love is music.  Especially live music.  I also love to travel.  Traveling for concerts is my favorite, and always worth it.  When I'm not in the salon or at a show, I love fashion, books and hanging with my cutie dog and boyfriend.  Fun fact: I was a school teacher for 12 years; 21/22 being my last.  I will miss it, but its time for a new adventure.  I'm so excited to be doing hair and lashes full time! I feel so lucky to be at the most amazing salon, with the best people.  I look forward to having any and all of you in my chair or on my lash bed!

Olivia Garland

Salon Stylist/Nail Artist

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I'm 22 years old, born and raised in SLC and have loved every second of it.  I spend most of my time away from the salon traveling, enjoying anything that has to do with fitness/sports or spending time with my dog and family.  I have a strange coffee addiction and you won't catch me without coffee in my hand 24/7.

I've been doing hair for a little over a year now and have enjoyed it more than anything in the entire world.  I love the creativity of hair and the way it makes my clients feel when they have a fresh new look.  I love every service, but especially love to do anything blonding, extensions and eyelashes.

Megan Yant

Salon Stylist

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Favorite Drink-  Coke Zero

Favorite Color- Any shade of pink

Celebrity Crush-  Ryan Reynolds

Favorite Treat-  Reeses Cups

Most Likely to Max Out a Credit Card- Target

Dream Vacation- Italy

Favorite Service to Offer- Blonding and extensions

Alexa Page


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Favorite Drink-  Diet Coke

Celebrity Crush- Bradley Cooper

Favorite Treat-  Cookie Dough

Store Most Likely to Max Out Credit Card- BMW Dealership

Superpower You Would Want- Teleportation

Weird Fear-  Worms

Hailey Wyant

Salon Esthetician

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Favorite Color- Pink

Favorite Holiday- Halloween

Favorite Treat- Brownies

Favorite Drink- Tea or Slurpees

Celebrity Crush- Timothee Chalamet

Marayln Hase


Independent Contractor

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Favorite Drink- Iced Chai

Celebrity Crush- Jeff Goldblum

Favorite Holiday- Halloween

Favorite Treat- Sour Candy

Fun Fact- I know a lot about stars and galaxies

Music is everything to me, you'll always find me traveling anywhere for concerts or music festivals.

I've been doing hair for 5 years, I love making people feel beautiful and every creative aspect of the beauty industry. 

Sabrina Smith

Stylist/Lash Artist

Independent Contractor

Favorite Drink- Dr Pepper

Celebrity Crush- Michael B Jordan

Strange Phobias- Escalators

Favorite Treat- Sugar Cookies

Store Most Likely to Max Out Credit Card- TJ Maxx

Superpower You Would Want- Teleportation

Top 2 Bucket List- Go to Brazil & New Zealand

Spend the Day With 1 Person- My aunt that passed away

Milly Knudsen

Nail Artist

Independent Contractor

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If you've ever been into the salon within the last 4 years, you've probably been greeted by this cutie. "Hey Babe".  She is so friendly, and really just wants to hug everyone.  She absolutely loves to work, but if she's not at the salon you could probably catch her at the softball field or hanging with her girls.  You may have heard her say **** before, as it's her favorite word...sweet, but Oh so sassy! So reliable, easiest to talk to, and everyone just loves this girl.  We are the luckiest to have her.

Noelle Achekzai

Nail Artist

Independent Contractor

I love my job because I like to be creative!  I Love to paint, even on tiny fingernails.  I'm currently working on a giant paint by number.  I like to entertain at my house and throw parties.  I love being a mom of 2 beautiful, funny, and smart girls.  Love to karaoke.  I have quite the collection of shoes.  Anyone who knows me, know that's true.  I love combing vintage things with new things.  If I didn't live near mountains, I would live by the ocean.  I love to travel.

Brooke Hendricksen

Esthetician/Lash Artist

Independent Contractor 

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Favorite Drink- Frozen Mr. B & Water

Celebrity Crush- Henry Cavill

Strange Phobias- A Fear of Heights, little claustrophobic, fear of people I care about dying

Favorite Treat- A Crumbl Cookie

Store Most Likely to Max Out Credit Card- Ulta

Favorite Services- Lashes & Chemical peels

Spend the Day With One Person- Probably my Grandma Helen

Alexis Casper


Independent Contractor

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Alexis is passionate about music, and loves to sing.  She loves to play video games especially with her boys.  #boymomma.  She swears like a sailor.  Her favorite tv shows are Stranger things, outlander, and true crime.

Mercedes Sellis


Independent Contractor

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Mercedes loves anything outdoors.  Hiking, fishing, star gazing, and her most fave... being on the lake.  Her secret obsession (hobby) is thrifting for vintage clothing and going to estate sales.  She loves reading & watching thrillers.  She loves spending time with her family. She is an Aunty to two of the sweetest boys ever and loves them lots.

Brynlee Albertoni

Nail Artist

Independent Contractor

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Hi, I'm Brynlee, but you can call me Bryn.  When I'm not at the salon, I'm an Education Coach for Head Start.  I've been married to my husband for a year and a half.  I love playing with my dog, readying, playing games, and spending time outside.  I am beyond excited to start my nail journey at Addy & Olly, and I look forward to giving you the nails that you deserve!

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